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I’m only happy when it rains

You might say that that’s Garbage, but I’m being serious, yo! (:P Now that I’ve mastered the pun, I’ve gotta work on the “double entendre,” which I just learned the meaning of this past weekend… thanks Rich!). In lieu of any interesting pictures, videos, or general commentary on Typhoon Songda that hit Okinawa this past … Continue reading

Challenge complete (?)

Remember a little goal I set for myself to update my blog every day for 21 days leading up to my vacation? Well, today marks three weeks: I did it! I waxed poetically, prosaically, informatively and unnecessarily for 21 days straight… YATTA!!! :) While I definitely gambarimashita-ed, Japan as a country still has a long way to … Continue reading

No More Trouble Zones!

No More Trouble Zones!

Between work, updating the blog daily, toggling between news websites on the latest in Japan, and sleep (though not enough of it), staying physically active in the past few weeks has been a challenge for me. I was doing so well running at least every other day for the entire month of February, too… gah! … Continue reading

Stupid Americans, Cool Americans

Stupid Americans tweet and FB status that the disasters to strike Japan in the past week are “payback” for Pearl Harbor. Cool Americans support Japan by donating blood and money to the Red Cross. Meet Alexandra Wallace, a political science major at UCLA. She exhibits jaw-droppingly ignorant bigotry, bewilderingly unabashed arrogance, and an irrational sense of … Continue reading


Helplessness is an awful feeling. I’ve never been so close, physically as well as emotionally, to tragedy of such massive proportions, and yet I feel so useless in the situation. So guilty for how much I enjoyed my weekend while elsewhere in the country, entire towns of people had their lives taken from them in … Continue reading

Early birthday present

Early birthday present

Oh Facebook. Sometimes you are just so wrong. But I really, really appreciate all of the friends back home who jumped on the networking device to reach me and express their concern today. I’m also grateful that it made it really easy for me to tell 800 people at once that luckily Okinawa, though issued … Continue reading

The world is angry… and so am I!

Thank you to everyone back home who checked on me or was concerned when they heard about the earthquake 50 miles off Okinawa last Saturday. I was completely fine, just a bit shaken up (ha, ha). It was definitely the biggest quake I’ve ever felt (and I’ve lived in California for Pete’s sake!), but it … Continue reading