No More Trouble Zones!

Between work, updating the blog daily, toggling between news websites on the latest in Japan, and sleep (though not enough of it), staying physically active in the past few weeks has been a challenge for me. I was doing so well running at least every other day for the entire month of February, too… gah!

In attempts to inject a little more variation into my “daily” exercise routine, I recently ripped Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones off a friend and have been trying it out at home. It’s an hour-long circuit training video which hits just about everything, and it’s pretty damn intense (still trying to make it all the way through the “vicious plank cycle” without stopping), but I like it!

The past few days however, something’s come up just as I’m starting the DVD or in the middle of it and I haven’t been able to finish it!

Sunday, I was about halfway through when a friend from Tokyo called me, and of course I stopped to talk with him (he’s ok by the way, actually decided to go back to the States for a bit while things calm down).

Monday, I had just gotten through the first circuit when my phone rings–it’s one of the ladies I tutor, reminding me that she’s about to pick me up to take me out to a belated birthday dinner (a prior engagement that I of course had completely forgotten about), so I shut off the DVD in order to go eat at an ALL YOU CAN EAT YAKINIKU BUFFET.

And then, there was yesterday. Yesterday takes the cake.

I was maybe 20 minutes into my workout when my doorbell rings. It’s the Japanese version of Fed Ex guy… with a package for me! I open it, and what do I find…


Oh, but she did. She so did. My friend from California sent me a treasure chest of American sweets for my birthday, because she’s so sweet.

But why, oh whyyyy did it have to arrive in the middle of No More Trouble Zones???

So then, I did, what any sane woman trying to get back into shape would do:

I ate a thin mint. In the middle of No More Trouble Zones.

How could I not? I miss girl scouts.

Sigh. Sorry Jillian Michaels. I know you wouldn’t be proud. But at least it was delicious. And at least I actually finished the entire video this time! Maybe that’s the secret to no more trouble zones?

On a different note, say, Mother Earth–how about no more trouble zones in Honshū, Japan? Spare this country and its people… they’ve been through enough in the past few days.


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