Stupid Americans, Cool Americans

Stupid Americans tweet and FB status that the disasters to strike Japan in the past week are “payback” for Pearl Harbor.

Cool Americans support Japan by donating blood and money to the Red Cross.

Meet Alexandra Wallace, a political science major at UCLA. She exhibits jaw-droppingly ignorant bigotry, bewilderingly unabashed arrogance, and an irrational sense of entitlement… yup, all the red flags. She is, a Stupid American (who obviously isn’t even aware of which nationality she’s making fun of in her awe-inspiring impression of a what a Japanese person “checking on everybody from the tsunami thing” sounds like on the phone).


Now meet Ryan Higa, a young man with the charming traces of a pidgin accent from the Big Island of Hawaii (and is of Okinawan ancestry, I’m guessing by his last name). He’s also apparently somewhat famous on YouTube. Ryan and his friends recently held “Honk if you love Japan” signs up on a busy Los Angeles street and matched $10 per honk to go towards the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund for the earthquake and tsunami. How awesome is that? He is definitely a Cool American!


Thanks again to Angry Asian Man, who always keeps me up to speed with the good, the bad, and the ugly of current events in Asian America! His posts on the two videos above can be found here and here.


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