The world is angry… and so am I!

Thank you to everyone back home who checked on me or was concerned when they heard about the earthquake 50 miles off Okinawa last Saturday. I was completely fine, just a bit shaken up (ha, ha). It was definitely the biggest quake I’ve ever felt (and I’ve lived in California for Pete’s sake!), but it was far enough away from the island and deep enough under the ocean to not have any severely damaging effects on either people or structures here. Sadly, as we all know the earthquake off Chile later in the day wreaked much more serious damage, claiming many lives and causing devastation to the South American country. For better or for worse, I’m extremely relieved that the aftershock of Chile was far from wiping out Japan, Hawaii, and California… all places that hold pieces of my heart and which all had tsunami warnings!


So, I realized the other day as I was walking home that I do this thing.

Every day, I say the following comment AT LEAST once (but mostly more):

“That fucking asshole.”

Without fail. Daily. It just comes out. I say it either in my head or out loud. Multiple times. I can’t stop. It’s always directed at one person at a time, but I use it toward many people. Most of the time they deserve it. Sometimes, though, I have to ask myself: Kate, why are you such an angry person?


I’m working on it.

Oh, my mom reminded me the other day on Skype that she reads my blog, too. She enjoyed the story about the fucking asshole marine just as much as the rest of you. HI MOM!!! :)


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