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Wednesday morning affirmation

I’m not really a person who gives herself up to faith. There are too many things about life that I question, and there aren’t too many things I know for sure. However, there are some things I believe in. I truly believe that certain people are meant to be an important part of your life, and if … Continue reading



Quick factoid: Okinawa is the indigenous home of Ovophis okinavensis, the most venomous pit viper species in all of Japan. Here in the islands, the scaly critter is typically known as plain old “habu,” the Japanese word for venomous snake. Warnings against encountering the dangerous creature had me nervous before arriving in Okinawa; however, since … Continue reading

Thoughts from a former Catholic schoolgirl

Hey, Lent started yesterday. How do I know? The same way I get all my top news stories–my Facebook newsfeed. This morning I opened my computer and nearly drowned in the sudden deluge of sacrificial-related status messages on Facebook (it’s still Ash Wednesday in the part of the world where people care, which marks the beginning … Continue reading