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Pretty pink and purple skies

Pretty pink and purple skies

Today I went on a long walk just as the sun was going down, and the sky was this AMAZING pink and purple color and it was like I was in a dream. My iPhone photos don’t do it justice… it was gorgeous! Truthfully, I had planned to run the route instead of walking it, … Continue reading

18 miles: Conquered!

According to the running mentor for my pace group this morning, many marathon training programs stop at 18 miles… which basically means if you can run 18, you’re ready for 26!!! I found this to be fantastic news. Only 8 miles more to go! (Btw, can you believe this movie is already 10 years old? … Continue reading

What I talk about when I talk about running

After consuming 5 million calories or so at an American-styled/-portioned breakfast place in Kitanakagusuku yesterday (each), we waddled outside to greet the runners of the Okinawa Marathon, who upon passing the restaurant were on kilometer 35 of 42.195. Seeing the combination of earnest determination and sheer exhaustion on their faces brought me back to last … Continue reading