I don’t necessarily consider myself more observant than the average person, but I do have this (often annoying) habit of overthinking just about everything. For better or for worse, this leads me to experience the world in my own special way. And it trickles into my writing. That’s my disclaimer.

I’ve written in journals (fine, for a long time I called them diaries) since my dad brought me back a diary covered in teddy bears and flowers from one of his business trips. I was 7. Little did he know that this gift shop trinket would be the start of a very important legacy. I love to write–preferably, the non-academic type, though I’m pretty good at that too–and particularly as an outlet to the thoughts, feelings, and emotions I sometimes find difficult to articulate verbally. This blog is the evolution of cartoon character-emblazoned notebooks, online restaurant reviews (though my relationship with the site that got me started is rocky these days), and my old xanga.com page (which I thought had been completely lost, but was recently able to download in an archived, xml, aka html jibberish version. If I ever want anyone besides myself to be able to relive my angst-y late adolescent years with me, I can always import it to a WordPress site… ha).

The first incarnation of Kate-Colored Glasses served 20% as a chronicle to keep friends, family, and secret admirers updated with my adventures in Okinawa, Japan (where my job, in the official sense, was to teach English to public junior high school students), 80% as a forum to convey the heightened introspection that can sometimes occur when one finds herself, often alone, in a foreign country for 1.5 years. Kate Colored-Glasses 2.0 (August 2011 to July 2014, roughly) represented my attempts while in graduate school to remind myself that I hadn’t traded in all of my frivolous interests and worries for the sake of scholarship. I barely posted in the past few years.

Now I’m back in San Francisco, California, the city with which I began a life-long love affair when I moved here as an undergrad nearly 11 years ago. I spend my days wandering into familiar spots and seeing them in new light, adventuring for good food, and trying to make the world a better place for the marginalized. Some nights, I lose sleep over white privilege (which was the best winning round of Cards Against Humanity someone ever played when it was my turn). I might write about these things here. I will more likely write about a lot of other random stuff.

Mahalo/ありがとう/thank you for visiting!

(Updated: 7/19/14)



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