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Do you ever sort of feel like…

…this guy?   Up until the point where he does some magic at the end, that is. I mean by then you realize that he’s just pure ninja (and that the video is probably about something else entirely). But before that: he’s trying to do such great things, and in reality he really is freaking awesome, … Continue reading

Stupid Americans, Cool Americans

Stupid Americans tweet and FB status that the disasters to strike Japan in the past week are “payback” for Pearl Harbor. Cool Americans support Japan by donating blood and money to the Red Cross. Meet Alexandra Wallace, a political science major at UCLA. She exhibits jaw-droppingly ignorant bigotry, bewilderingly unabashed arrogance, and an irrational sense of … Continue reading

A Supermassive Black Hole

… is where I’ve been hiding. Sorry blog readers! (of which maybe there’s like, 2) More importantly, I swear that since I’ve been in Japan I’m permanently being followed by this said huge hole that thoroughly enjoys sucking up lots of things that I love and are important to me. So far objects claimed by … Continue reading

The world is angry… and so am I!

Thank you to everyone back home who checked on me or was concerned when they heard about the earthquake 50 miles off Okinawa last Saturday. I was completely fine, just a bit shaken up (ha, ha). It was definitely the biggest quake I’ve ever felt (and I’ve lived in California for Pete’s sake!), but it … Continue reading

Ahem. No I will NOT love you long time.

Gather round, kids… it’s story time. Last Friday night was my first experience going to a nightclub in downtown Naha. The club itself wasn’t that bad. It had two floors, the music and bass were good, and though we had to pay a cover of ¥2000 at the door (something I’d never do back at … Continue reading