I’m only happy when it rains

You might say that that’s Garbage, but I’m being serious, yo! (:P Now that I’ve mastered the pun, I’ve gotta work on the “double entendre,” which I just learned the meaning of this past weekend… thanks Rich!). In lieu of any interesting pictures, videos, or general commentary on Typhoon Songda that hit Okinawa this past weekend–which I did not record in any form because I was too busy fearing for my life (actually, I probably shouldn’t kid about that kind of thing; I was safe at home for the entire storm and endured little more than momentary power outages and unfounded worry of my windows breaking due to the 100+ mph winds… visit my friends Dave, Ron, Kelly and ReBekha’s blogs for a few firsthand accounts of the super typhoon), I will tell a little about the huge torrential downpour that followed a couple days later when it suddenly graced the island yesterday afternoon.

Much to my delight and most sane people’s chagrin, Okinawa is in the midst of its rainy season. This means sheets and sheets of lovely precipitation, often for days on end. There is nothing that satisfies me more than a nice, hard rain–the sound, the sight, and the smell of it is enough to have me sleeping like a baby. But what if you add touch and taste? I figured why not, and decided to play in the rain when I got home from work yesterday. Throwing on a swimsuit, some running shorts and a waterproof jacket (unfortunately sans my happy yellow rainboots, which are waiting for me somewhere in Pleasanton, CA), I ventured out to play in the storm. It was really coming down as I frolicked towards the ocean a couple minutes from my building, and I remember thinking with a bit of fright, “What if all a sudden an enormous tidal wave came heading my way and I were to be engulfed by it?” Then, pretty quickly, I decided that this would actually not be the worst way to die. Kind of beautiful, all that water, you know?

Ok, MORBID. Moving on, as I reached the seawall behind my house, I noticed a huge constant crashing of waves in a particular spot. I got closer and realized that it was coming from a drainage channel in the levee of the seawall. This was no ordinary trickle coming through the pipe, however… it was a massive, gigantic, treacherously powerful waterfall emptying into the ocean. The circumference of the strong rush of water had to have been longer than both arms’ length; and because I’m not good at describing things using measurements, I decided to run back up to my apartment and stuffed my camera into a plastic Ziploc bag so I could capture the moment!

Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink

From under my umbrella, ella ella, here is the video I took:

The sound is unfortunately kind of off (was probably holding my camera weird at certain points for fear of getting it too wet or accidentally dropping it and having it submerged in the scary abyss below), and I’m not sure if it looks as sugoi as it really was in person. But it has to be the main drainage release point for my entire neighborhood. Because the amount of water coming out at once was seriously incredible. As was the amount of enjoyment I got from running outside umbrella-less in a torrential Okinawan downpour. God, I love the rain.


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