The best Kate-colored glasses are free

I was never one to spend a ton of money on a single pair of sunglasses, since I’m prone to losing/breaking expensive things like that. But as of sort of recently, I’ve ceased paying for glasses all together. And not because I’m a shoplifter, but mainly because I am a Yelper! I’ve scored tons of free glasses by attending Yelp Elite events over the past couple of years, so many that I have my own mini wayfarer collection going.


Acquired at (top to bottom:) Yelp event, Yelp event, Giants game, Yelp event

I don’t care if they’re cheaply made–they come in fun colors, and if I lose one it’s no big deal (I have two of the red Yelp-brand glasses). And so what if I’m a walking advertisement for sponsors of Yelp and the Giants? Free stuff is free stuff, and free stuff is awesome if you happen to use it on a daily basis. I may never pay for a pair of sunglasses ever again ;)


My favorites are probably the yellow Leinenkugels. Which are yours?


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