Forever Summer

Ke Waena Beach on Oahu's North Shore. I was there yesterday... yeah.

Ke Waena Beach on Oahu’s North Shore. I was there yesterday. Yeah, I know :)

Oh, summer vacation. When I am brown and beautiful, the way I should be. When I can get a full 8 hours of sleep on enough nights of the week that those when I can’t are less painful. When I can catch up on Glee (RIP Cory Monteith) and start Orange is the New Black. When I have the time to share trivial shit on Facebook, and spend a slightly embarrassing amount of time thinking up what those FB updates will be. When I can run, swim, hike, cook, think, and feel inspired again. When I can even fit in a blog update (or two… no promises this time though!).

I wish it would stay summer forever.

I’m currently spending 7 whole weeks of summer on Oahu, where I’m once again chilling at home with my parents in Honolulu. I’m doing the research for my master’s thesis while I’m here, which means quite a bit of my time is allocated to interviewing, transcribing, and doing other research-y things. But it leaves just enough free time to still enjoy that schoolchild-like lull of the endless summer. Where you almost wish the fall would come to cure you of your boredom and loneliness… except I know better now. That’s not to say I haven’t felt the loom of idleness and lethargy once or twice while I’ve been here, but in those moments, I’ve luckily been able to remind myself to welcome and enjoy this slower pace of life while it lasts, rather than abuse it and fall into its black hole of… blah. It’s ideal to have a balance of both productivity and leisure, and I feel I’m able to reach that with my summer research here. I realize how fortunate I am to be able to spend so much time here in Hawaii. And so I repeat, I wish it would stay summer forever!

Speaking of trivial FB updates, I almost posted this music video on my FB timeline, but I decided to post it here on my blog instead. It’s a duet by local Hawaiian artists Anuhea and Justin–I don’t always like island-inspired music because the lyrics and melodies can be sort of predictable and annoying, but this song is lovely in its simplicity. It’s also sung so sweetly and beautifully, I almost get teary (ok, or I do… you know me).  I think it captures the way I’m feeling about being here right now. Also, my partner left from his short trip here earlier today :(. So I dedicate this song to him, especially since he’s probably the only one that still periodically checks this. Honey, it’s forever summer in your eyes :)


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