Lessons learned from a Skid Row social work intern

(For today, at least).

  1. To “help” someone can mean so many things. You may not be able to help someone in the way they hope you can, or in the way you would hope to, but you probably can still help them somehow.
  2. Everything is going to be presented to you as an urgent need. As much as you want to do something to help someone right away, this is not always possible. Therefore: sloooooooowwwwww ittttttttt downnnnnnnn. Or as my supervisor says, “They will always try to pull you into their crisis. DO NOT COLLUDE WITH THEM!”
  3. On that note: “Someone’s crisis is not your emergency.”
  4. I am learning how to own up to saying “no” to clients and reinforcing personal and professional boundaries.
  5. I think I’m finally learning how to not be so hard on myself, as well as enjoying the health benefits of doing so.

I know I want to be profound and write more, but I’m making myself repeat #5. BTW, if you were wondering where I’ve been for the past couple months, this about sums it up!


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