I had the idea at an earlier point that I should post something on 12/12/12, at 12:12. As the afternoon passed, I thought, oh I’ll just do it at 12:12 at night. Then an hour ago I remembered and was like oh… that doesn’t work because by then it’ll actually be 12/13. Heh. But, I still came up with something. And it’ll have to do even though it’s technically going up at 11:58(pm).

12 cool things I did this summer/fall

  1. Cut my hair shorter than I have in years without freaking out
  2. Went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay for the first time… yes I promise I really did grow up on Oahu
  3. Started a professional program to attain a professional degree—$h!t be gettin’ real!
  4. Went from zero knowledge of LA’s Downtown Skid Row district to spending two days there a week and liking it
  5. Celebrated Mike’s and my first anniversary as a partnership
  6. Quit Facebook
  7. Learned about an invaluable breakfast tip that has changed my life (post forthcoming)
  8. Watched the San Francisco Giants win the World Series… from LA (last time I was in Japan, so I’m getting closer)
  9. Co-wrote my first article to be published in an academic journal *fingers crossed*
  10. Spent Thanksgiving in NYC
  11. Facilitated a recurring art group
  12. Reunioned with 3 friends from Okinawa, and am about to reunion with 2 more (+1 more for the second time this year!)

Reunioned with Ron-sensei (of Black in Japan!) at Shack Shack in NYC a few weeks ago


12 things I like about myself (that I don’t feel INCREDIBLY awkward about sharing online)

  1. I am kind
  2. I am thoughtful
  3. I floss every night (except on my every-so-often “free nights,” but those are rare I swear)
  4. I write well
  5. My love for karaoke
  6. My nostalgia for the places I have lived
  7. My unreasonable desire to stay emotionally connected to anyone who has ever touched my life
  8. My online self (don’t we all?)
  9. My natural hair color
  10. That I am crazy enough to wake up at 5:30 on Saturday mornings to go on a long run
  11. That I am learning to be a better listener
  12. That I do my best whenever humanly possible

It still dumbfounds me (in a good way) that I used to live in a place that had these things all over the place. Photo cred: JR


12 places I’d review on Yelp if I had the time RIGHT NOW

  1. Tanner’s Coffee
  2. Demitasse Coffee
  3. MADE by DWC
  4. Coffee Connection (I guess I like coffee now.)
  5. Side Walk Cafe
  6. The liquor store next to Chego
  7. Samosa House East
  8. San Francisco Saloon
  9. Scoops
  10. Jasmine Market
  11. Giovanni’s – Malibu
  12. Native Foods – Westwood

Before and after killing the vegan nachos from Native Foods… solo. I don’t play around.

Make a wish.


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