It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Finals. Ugh.

I can tell when this time of year comes around because I start feeling really antsy for winter break, but there’s so much stuff to do before then. Given my multiple papers and projects to work on, I naturally resort to wasting time on the internet instead. I just updated my Linkedin profile for the first time in like a year. And I thought my blog was getting a little dusty. But at least I’m not on Facebook (more on that… sometime).

Oh, it’s also the holiday season. Christmas gift tags are basically my favorite thing about the holidays. I don’t know why, I’ve just always loved them. If someone gave me a lifetime supply of Christmas gift tags for Christmas, it’d be like the best present ever. I’m halfway joking, but … they just make me really happy.

Nothing says “happy holidays” quite like holiday gift tags in bulk. #consumeristholiday

Ok, time to go to bed and stop f-ing around. Goodniiiiiiight


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