Pineapple Tang, Vanilla Kahlua, and Dad

My dad was in town last night, so I took him to a nice little French bistro in Downtown Culver City for dinner, followed by dessert at you-know-where.

Mine: pineapple tang. Dad’s: kahlua vanilla. Verdicts: they were “aight.”


Like father, like daughter… everyone says we look alike. Thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Pineapple Tang, Vanilla Kahlua, and Dad

    • Mom stayed at home. Dad flew up solo to watch the UoO/USC game in LA today, he’s kind of a fan of Oregon :). As for a favorite flavor… I really liked the first Scoops combo I ever wrote about, Salty Oreo and Blueberry Mascarpone. But it’s really trial and error at that place, I think!

      • Um, that sounds DELICIOUS. I’m beginning to think that I just went on a day with lackluster selections. Going to give it another shot the next time I’m in LA!

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