NLCS 2012, Game 6!! Why am I never in San Francisco when this happens?

Oct. 23, 2010: Me watching Tim pitch relief in NLCS 2010 Game #6 against the Phillies… ON MY COMPUTER FROM MY APARTMENT IN JAPAN. You can tell by my laundry hanging up on my deck (no dryers in that country). Die hard Giants fan for life.

NLCS 2012 Game #6 is going on right now, and Giants need to win this in order to advance to game 7 against the Cardinals. Come onnnnnnnnn Giants.

I just went to TJ’s sporting my Giants hat. Wished some douchey Dodgers fan woulda said something to me, because I was totally prepared with a retort:

“Oh, I’m sorry, did you say that the Dodgers finished eight games back? Because that’s what I thought I heard.”

GO GIANTS, let’s win the pennant!!!


UPDATE, 10 minutes later:

Scutaro hits a 2-run RBI in the bottom of the 2nd, and my love is videochatting me the game from his TV because I don’t own a TV :)

Marcooooooooooo! Scutarooooooooo!


UPDATE, several hours later:


Sergio Romo closes the game at the top of the ninth. Giants beat Cardinals 6-1 and I am in LA waving my orange rally rag like the happiest dork ever.

Game 7, here we come. I am gonna be SO distracted from finishing my 222A paper tomorrow night. GO GIANTS!!


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