San Francisco: 10/5-10/7

(in the style of Amy C.)

A busy Thursday at school
A midday phone call and surprise
A plane ticket to San Francisco for the weekend
A game ticket to the SF Giants’ NLDS playoffs
A late anniversary gift

A flu shot-induced head cold appearing on Friday morning
A slightly miserable 7-hour seminar on reporting and confidentiality laws
A pleasantly easy bus ride to the airport
A chance meeting with a classmate in the Southwest terminal
A slightly miserable 50-minute plane ride due to head cold
A happy reunion with giver of my gifts in Oakland
A late night meal at a new Thai restaurant in the Mission
A snoring, sick girl by 1am

A nose growing runny and raw on Saturday morning
A paper bag filling gradually with used-tissue rosettes
A dose of pseudoephedrine
A Breaking Bad episode

A BART ride to Union Square for the grand opening of UNIQLO on the U.S. West Coast
A long line to get in
A longer line to try on
A longish line to pay
A long time spent all for $9.90 Japanese-engineered denim
A serious obsession

A much-needed tea and coffee break with a close friend
A cute hotel cafe on Powell
A trading of boyfriend/ex-boyfriend tales, plans for NYC trips, and running tips
A vow to do this again as often as possible

A walk down 24th Street
A peek into a dive bar to check on my Giants
A plea for a quick manicure but the nail salon is about to close for the night
A $2.50 pupusa revuelta smothered in chili sauce and curtido to make up for it
A party in my mouth

A new day and a nose that feels almost good as new
A plate of over-easy eggs, Chinese sausage, and rice
A typical breakfast
A few hours spent on homework

A walk back to the nail salon
A nice chat with the woman from South Vietnam who paints my nails
A job for her, 8 months in America, while her husband buses tables downtown
A large tip
A perfect, purplish gray on my fingertips
A smudge the minute I walk in the front door

A couple of hours before the game
A good parking space just a few blocks from the ballpark
A late lunch/early dinner
A pair of fancy grilled cheese sandwiches
A toast to hopeful victory
A pleasant prelude, devoid of any foreboding

A sea of black and orange
A new orange beanie to keep warm
A free orange rally rag to wave
A stroll past the Coke Slide
A long walk up to View Level
A trio of Blue Angels
A famous East Bay rapper
A very excited home crowd

A horrible game :(

A sad drive back to SFO
A couple more runs for the other team
A fun time nevertheless
A kiss goodbye
A red-eye to LAX
A super shuttle home
A snoring, less sick girl by 1am

A long distance love affair with the city by the bay
A promise to return

A view of the game (before it got horrible)


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