“A closed mouth does not get fed.”

I’ve been hearing this saying a lot lately, and it’s been making me think. While I find it true in a Darwinistic way, I also empathize with those for whom it may be a little tougher to keep their mouth “open.” Whether it’s due to their past, the way they were raised, their environment, and/or their culture, some people find it more difficult than others to ask for things, sometimes simply to say  things, with the confidence that those things will be heard or considered. I agree that it is valuable (and often, necessary) to speak up and ask for what you want, but I also think it is equally important to consider why others may not have fully developed this particular skill. Be compassionate of these people! Instead of immediately condemning their silence, validate where they have come from that makes them that way, and do your best to help them find their voice.


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