Hot, free fun

There’s interesting stuff going on in LA all the time. Sadly, school keeps me so busy that it’s a rare occasion that I actually get to take advantage of any of it (plus I’m living on student loans, aka hella broke son).

On the plus side, summertime in LA–which has NOT ended yet so don’t say it has, especially since no one would believe you since it’s hit over 100 degrees in the city every day for the past five days–brings along a bunch of fun, FREE stuff, such as outdoor festivals, movie screenings, etc. Usually the most expensive thing is parking. And usually, even though it has been summer, I’ve either been out of town or can’t find buddies to attend the free stuff I’d like to go to.

So imagine my delight when my friend Sals invited me to a free Poolside concert at The Getty this evening! My excitement was doubled by the fact that I’d been listening to their song Slow Down on repeat since mid-summer.

One of the views from the Getty

We were worried the show might be cancelled, since those brush fires I mentioned were going down the day before right across the freeway from the museum. But all was well in the Brentwood hills today (hot at hell, but no longer in flames), so we got to spend the late afternoon and early evening enjoying the Getty’s beautiful modern architecture and landscaping…

Gardens at the Getty

the captivating Klimt exhibit…

“Fish Bood”, Gustav Klimt: I was about to take a picture of this one with my phone when the security guard stopped me. No photography of the exhibit allowed… boo.

the intimate concert put on by Poolside…

Our backstage seats (aka, a wall/floor space behind and to the side) were pretty sweet

and the awesome accompanying weather.

… and awesome company!

And did I mention this was all for absolutely free? ($10 for parking, notwithstanding). Now if only I had AC in my apartment, this would be the PERFECT summer weekend in LA.


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