Summer beach waves!

Not the kind in the ocean (although Sandy’s is a short walk from my house here in Hawaii)

For the whole summer now, I’ve been trying to master the ever-so-effortless, relaxed wavy look–a la Hannah, my favorite Liar on PLL–on my recently-chopped (well, sixish weeks ago), shoulder-length haircut.

The girls on Pretty Little Liars always have amazing-looking hair. I LOVE Hannah’s (Ashley Benson’s) medium-length beach curls and have been coveting them all season long. Image from

I think I’m finally getting the hang of it!

Relaxed, summer beach waves! I’ve also been trying to part my superlong bangs in the center rather than sweep them to the side like I usually do… they are verrrry slowly adapting to this change

I’m not trying to become the next YouTube beauty star or anything (though believe me, I have needed those girls to get me through this new hairstyle!), but for those interested, here are the tools that helped me out:

  1. The Yogi Hair Wand: snagged mine in “Zebra” for just $20 from Marshall’s! The curl I get from this holds a lot longer than what I get from my old cheap curling iron, even without hairspray (I just use the surf wax mentioned below), which is saying a lot because usually my hair does not take to curling well.
  2. This hair tutorial on how to use the wand: the trick for relaxed, beachy waves is only holding the hair around the curler for 5 seconds or so. When I hold it for 10 seconds, it’s a much tighter curl and a different look. I like most of this girl’s tips, but I think she should also mention to make sure that the wand always starts behind the section of hair you’re curling (that’s how it curls “away” from your face).
  3. Fructis Surf Wax: bought it on sale for like $3 from Target before I knew if it would work or not. I like that it’s not super sticky (kind of more like the consistency of custard), holds the waves but doesn’t weigh down my hair or give it a crispy look. I just rub some on my fingertips and run it through the curls layer by layer (I usually section my hair into three, and apply the wax to each layer as I finish it).

Like I said, it took me a while to get this look down, but FINALLY I have my PLL hair and it doesn’t take me the whole morning to achieve! I’ve found that if I do tighter curls for going out at night, the next morning I wake up and they’re much more relaxed (basically what I wanted them to look like the night before :P). I also have an idea to speed up curling time but still get loose, piecy-looking waves by curling larger sections of hair for 10-12 seconds each, pulling the larger-sized wavy sections apart into smaller sections, and applying wax to hold together these smaller sections. Only experimentation will tell!


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