Planting the seed

Aloha from Hawaii! Koko, my mom, and I went for a hike up our ridge this morning

Last week I happened to be somewhere with a TV (actually that place happened to be Vegas, in a hotel room at the Flamingo, but I’m sure I’ll tell the story about that trip a little later), and The View was on. I don’t really know much about The View, other than that an Asian lady, some other women of color, and Sharon Osborne get together to talk about families, fashion, and other random ish. But on this episode, after marveling at the innovative fashion ingenious of yet another woman in a bunchy off-the-shoulder potato sack belted at the waist, they started a discussion over the ways that busy working women of today are able to find time for themselves. One woman suggested using the earliest hour of your day to think about the biggest task you want to accomplish during that day—aka, “plant the seed.” If you take a moment to consciously plant the seed, you’ll be in the mindset to get it done as you go about your day and be more productive. As much as I hate to reference a show with Sharon Osborne in it, I’m gonna work on practicing this morning seed plantage for the next three weeks. I’m actually here in Hawaii for that time, but since this place isn’t so much a vacation spot for me as it is a break from the things that normally distract me back at “home” in CA, I’m gonna try to be uber-productive with work related to school, research, and self-growth while I’m here… which means all the reading, writing, and exercising I promised myself when my summer started in LA. Of course, this will mean throwing out the Sims 3 CD that’s permanently lived in my laptop for the past month, but that’s for the best :P. It should also help that I’m on kind of a schedule taking care of Koko and a bunch of other household chores for my parents who are off to Europe tonight. Party at my place? Um, YES. But, first, to plant the seed daily. Starting with… blog update by 10:30am, check! Woohoo, productivity :D.


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