Pretty pink and purple skies

Today I went on a long walk just as the sun was going down, and the sky was this AMAZING pink and purple color and it was like I was in a dream. My iPhone photos don’t do it justice… it was gorgeous!

Truthfully, I had planned to run the route instead of walking it, but I just didn’t feel up to running today. Not good, since I happened to spend six straight hours earlier today driving in a car (ie extremely limited movement) and the three days before that eating everything under the sun in San Francisco and being a lazy bum in general (two activities that make me oh-so-happy, but unfortunately also involve little movement). The running shoes and Jillian Michaels DVD I packed, stayed packed. Needless to say I’m failing miserably at my summer goal of running four days a week  :-/. While I blame this partly on being out of town so often since the summer began (Portland, Yosemite, SFx3, and Vegas and Hawaii on the horizon), I’m also just lazy and undisciplined. What is wrong with me?! I need to sign up for another race or something…but honestly I’m not sure what or when I can commit to in terms of training in these upcoming months. Boo.

However, I’m gonna just go along with the reasoning that had I ran four miles instead of walked five miles today, I would not have come across this beautiful sunset. Because I either would’ve already been done with my run by the time the sky turned this color, I wouldn’t have been able to stop and enjoy it, nor would I have had my phone on me to snap some pictures. I love justifying the unjustifiable… don’t you?


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