Feeling fresh at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market

I’m by no means a farmers’ market junkie–unless that farmer happens to be named Joe and he calls himself a “trader”–but I do think they’re fun places to check out every now and then. Mostly for the yummy food booth eats from local businesses, but also to put some of my own form of green (or what little little I have of it) into the California farmer economy by buying their greens.

The closest farmers’ market to me is just a short drive away in Mar Vista, open every Sunday until 2pm. The market  is neither too big nor too small, taking up only a couple blocks’ radius. I appreciate this mid-size because I enjoy variety as much as I enjoy being able to take a look at everything without being there all day, if you know what I mean.

Mar Vista Farmers’ Market, open every Sunday 9-2 on Grand View at Centinela

Since school has ended, I’ve had it in my mind that I will do away with my regular routine of  eating out or relying on good ol’ Farmer TJ to supply me with microwaveable meals by attempting to actually cook (and save $$). First thing I have to say is, we’ll see how long this lasts. Second, I was on a  quest to find pine nuts this past weekend in order to make homemade pesto, and it was in fact a Sunday so I decided to check out the farmers’ market. In addition to the nuts, I scored a HUGE bag of green beans as well as a HUGE bag of eggplants, each for just $2 a bag! As farmer’s markets are not always the cheapest way to shop (organic always costs more), I was pretty satisfied with my findings. The secret is to arrive half an hour before closing time, when the vendors slash their prices in half in a desperate attempt to get rid of all the goods.

(I unfortunately have no photos from this past weekend’s trip, but these were all taken on a previous visit when fruit was my main mission.)

I wanna learn how to cook kale!

Citrus samples

I <3 Saturn peaches

By the way, the pesto sauce I made turned out ok, although it wasn’t as liquidy as I would have liked. Also, it lasted about a week in the fridge, but in the mean time it seemed to lose its pungent flavors. Anyone have a better recipe and/or pesto-making tips?

A little thick.

As for the eggplant, I’d never cooked eggplant before in my life. But I tested my first experience out on this recipe for spicy garlic eggplant and tofu… and it was SO GOOD!

First time cooking eggplant: NOMS.

Yeah, I really don’t know how long this cooking thing is gonna last though…


2 thoughts on “Feeling fresh at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market

  1. THIS FARMERS MARKET LOOKS INSAAAANE. Also so does your food. I love that they call them Saturn peaches where you are. Here they’re “donut peaches!” I like Saturn better. :D

    I have two recipes for kale I’ve started to try. I’ve yet to try the super hip kale chips, but here are two recipes, one for cooked and one for raw kale. Love them both.

    (Used thinly sliced feta and red onions instead of ricotta and shallots. Also be careful with the salt and lemon – they both get powerful, quickly)


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