You make me feel brand new

Anyone else think “new” is kind of funny-looking word? (Image from

Notice anything different around here? Well unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 2.5 years, a rock without internet access or an ounce of admitted voyeuristic curiosity about yours truly, you will see that I’ve FINALLY revamped the look of the blog! I definitely wanted to keep the glasses theme (RIP awesome Yelp Elite wayfarers, you had a good life of about two months earlier this year :’-/) but I also wanted to brighten the overall mood a little bit. After all, changes reflect the times, and my summer (literally, and figuratively) has long last arrived…yipppeeee!!!

I’d like to thank the patient engineer who helped me kill the butterflies in the original background and get the color of the header juuuust right =). And lastly, this moment of progress would be meaningless without taking a moment to make sure we never forget the original Kate-colored Glasses:

Old-school glasses: in all her pain and beauty, may she rest in peace.

Stay tuned for musings on my first year of grad school, thoughts on running, food pornography, and the usual miscellaneous ramblings… and more, more, MORE of it all!! I know I always say that, but for REALS this time (ha, we’ll see). Happy June, ya’ll!


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