Sushi Sasabune, Los Angeles

This post comes with two realizations: 1) Photo posts take much less time and effort than textual posts do (unless there’s consciously a lot of text to accompany the photos… then they take longer), and 2) sushi makes some of the best food porn. So without further ado, get ready to feast your eyes on my recent meal at Sushi Sasabune, where the partner and I splurged in celebration of our last anniversary.

Spanish maguro (F) and toro (B)

Ebi (F) and hirame (B)

L to R: Oyster, clam, mussel, all from places I can’t remember and prepared differently

The head from our ebi nigiri!

Ikura (F) and uni (B)

Tai (F) and ??? (help! it was yummy)

Ok, I suppose I can’t leave without writing a mini-review of the experience (damn, this post just got a lot longer). I chose this place because I was craving high-quality sushi, and L.A. is supposedly known for its awesome (and expensive) sushi joints. At first I was interested in checking out this place which is actually closer to my neighborhood, but reviews suggested that the prices there are exorbitant and the staff can be rude. So after much yelping around and weighing the competitors, Sasabune seemed to be the best balance of price, quality, and service that I was hoping for. And it definitely did not disappoint. Though we ended up adding things like alcohol and ankimo which upped the bill, the omakase itself was only about $80 per person. And without requesting it, we were lucky enough to get seated at the bar right in front of Nobi-san, the owner, who made and served our delicious dishes. He was friendly, and of course told me the accent on the limited Japanese I tried out on him was amazing :P. He also left us with very happy and satiated bellies. No wonder the restaurant’s motto is “Trust me!” 

Arigato Nobi san for the omakase!

Would love to return one day when I’m actually employed and can afford to eat here again!


3 thoughts on “Sushi Sasabune, Los Angeles

    • Yeah yeah, don’t rub it in that you pay like half of that when you go to eat kaiten sushi at JUSCO. But considering that a lot of the fish at this place is actually imported from Japan, I’d say shipping costs + scarcity factor make $80 omakase relatively reasonable (key word relatively). You still win though. And I’m not a baller, just a starving student that can’t manage my money properly

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