Throwback: Bay to Breakers 2009!

On this warm, pleasant Sunday in May, I sit with my schoolwork here in LA whilst battling a painful bout of nostalgia for a truly San Francisco-esque institution of ridiculousness known as Bay to Breakers, which is currently unfolding in my favorite city by the bay. For those that don’t know about it, B2B is an annual 12K race spanning most of the width of San Francisco, from the Bay Bridge to Ocean Beach… in its official sense, at least. While many people take the competition seriously and come from all corners of the world to conquer its hills and marvel in its beautiful course, an even larger majority of participants take their time making their way through the B2B path while simultaneously wearing costumes and  getting wasted. Basically it’s one big party. Dressing up is key, and the more people you have in your theme, the better. You can register as a costumed race participant/team in the race if you want, but obviously most people just show up, likely not at the start of the course but somewhere a few miles through, and walk/drink/smoke/party as far as they can make it.

A one-of-a-kind event that would only happen in a place like San Francisco, I wish I were there right now to partake in the festivities. But since that’s not possible this year, the best I can do is think back on the last time I was there three years ago, when friends and I went to B2B dressed as the seven deadly sins (I was Gluttony, obviously :P).

We joined the exodus of sweaty, masqueraded marchers at Van Ness and Hayes, and called it a day at Golden Gate Park at 6th, a few blocks from my apartment. On our way we merrily cheersed our water bottles filled with mixed alcoholic elixirs, photographed our favorite costumes, and ran into random friends and naked people, including the dude that used to work at the Albertsons by USF (which was awkward, and awesome).

Oh Bay to Breakers, I shall return to you and your magical antics one fine year!


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