Flea market fun in L.A.

I’ll admit I haven’t explored nearly as much of L.A. as I would have liked to after eight months of living here, but a perchance study session out in West Hollywood this past weekend–which wouldn’t have happened if Mike hadn’t accidentally forgotten his credit card after signing the bill at the pancake-famed Griddle Cafe where we had brunch Saturday morning, forcing us to return to WeHo the next morning to retrieve it–allowed us to check out what else was in the neighborhood. We happened to stumble upon the Melrose & Fairfax Flea Market, otherwise known as the Melrose Trading Post.

Check out the bad ass blue guitar!

The market is open every Sunday rain or shine and costs $2 to enter. Though we didn’t buy anything, it was worth checking out all the vintage and eclectic stuff up for sale. My favorite was the shabby-chic turquoise furniture, which at least a couple of vendors were selling.

Turquoise desk, chairs, and white vintage frames.

Antiquing isn’t really my thing, but this is a great local place in L.A. to stop by if you’re looking to furnish your life with some unique old school stuff. Like this old instamatic camera (by the way, all of these photos are using Instamatic’s “Nashville” filter).

The original instagram?


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