Love blows

It came in!

My very own Love Blows! (Well sometimes it does, doesn’t it?)

I love Tara McPherson’s artwork. It’s pop-y and pretty but dark at the same time. I can’t remember where I first learned about her, but this piece has always been my favorite by her, so I ordered the poster form off of The Cotton Candy Machine a couple of weeks ago as part of my attempts to spruce up my bedroom.

I’ll admit it’s rather emo. My roommate was like, “It’s so sad!” when I showed it to her, and said it reminded her of this song and music video. I think the time that I discovered it, it just really spoke to me about the types of relationships I had had by that point, and so it sort of represents a particular time of my life. But even if that time has come and gone, I still love it! Can’t wait to see it in a custom frame on my wall.

Here’re some of my other T.M. faves…

I considered buying this one for my room too (it is so gorgeous), but figured it might be weird having to explain to people having a topless chick up on my wall. Here’s a cool blog post of how McPherson’s step-by-step layering process to create it.

The Idealization of Asymmetrical Thought, from McPherson’s website

LOST fans will probably swoon over this next one, which McPherson created as part of a series of art posters for the LOST series finale. Hauntingly beautiful…

The tragic ending of Jin and Sun in the LOST series finale. From McPherson’s website.

Actually considering getting this one as a gelaskin for my new laptop!  Think people might ask about the comets?

Why I Do What I Do. From McPherson’s website.

PS–I’m going to the last day of an art exhibit at this gallery in Santa Monica tomorrow to check out some real-life McPherson stuff. Excited!


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