Mama let me upgrade ya

Let’s be real: the blog needs a facelift. It’s looked exactly the same since its inception over two years ago, and the “About” section is especially outdated (did I really write domo arigato?? Clearly had not lived in Japanese society yet!). Fortunately, the end of my first 4-hour graduate seminar this morning (yes, it’s a weekly thing :-/) marked the beginning of a 5-day weekend for me, since seven-ninths of my cohort is off being amazing at a conference in DC this weekend and my Thursday class got cancelled. As such, I really do plan to get to at least some of that updating around here in the next few days, promise! I have an idea stewing for the new look, but that might take a little longer. In any case, expect some changes. And a few more posts. Until things get crazy again, that is, and as you well know by now they probably will like… tomorrow.

Also relevant is that I’m typing this from my new laptop, a Dell Inspiron 14z, which I just got and started up yesterday! I wanted something more lightweight but not too far off from my old Inspiron 1525 (I’m a PC 4-lyf, plus I’m pretty frugal) which I loved but was on the verge of spontaneously combusting by the end of last quarter. Spring is here, and upgrades abound! Stay tuned, everyone.


3 thoughts on “Mama let me upgrade ya

  1. Can’t wait to see what the updates bring! I’m thinking of getting a lighter, more compact laptop as well (I also have a 1525)..hope you are liking it :)

    • Yes, I finally had to upgrade from the 1525. As much as I loved my “Commotion” cover, the thing was almost completely out of memory and working slowwwww. So frustrating last quarter. This quarter shall be better! I like it so far (the laptop, not school :P)

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