It’s what I do.

I watched Moneyball tonight (almost made me fall in love with the A’s as much as my Giants, ALMOST… gah, I love Bay Area baseball!), and my roommates were impressed and glad I took a couple hours off to do something I almost never let myself do, which is to sit on the couch indulging in some form of visual entertainment with them rather than doing/pretending to do homework that I’d feel guilty I should be doing instead and that which usually wins my time.

They told their friend who was over watching with us that I’m a graduate student and an extremely hard worker. “What do you do?” he asked.

“Read.” I replied. “Forever.”

It’s true.

Been at it for the last day and a half, and here’s what’s left to do by the time Monday rolls around:

  1. Finish the last 100 pages of a 300 page book (~3 hours)
  2. Read a 170-page book (~4-5 hours).
  3. Read ~50 pages of articles on the health of immigrants and email discussion questions to my professor on them (~4-5 hours)
  4. Write a solid first draft of a fellowship application (allowing ~10 hours… I always lag and get distracted when trying to do that kind of shit)

(it’s 2:17am on Saturday morning, btw)

I’ve already planned out my sleep and wake times for the next 3 nights and 4 days to ensure that I’m not missing anything. Because it sucks to miss things in grad school.


Yup. I am in grad school.


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