What I actually did on my staycation.

EDIT: OMG, I totally forgot this was my 100th post!!! Back at home I totally intended to write a thematically-in-line update to go along with it, but in the end, my toying with the idea of answering 100 random survey questions or writing a post that was exactly 100 words long made me tired and was an epic fail. But yay! Even if my blogging skills and frequency aren’t exactly up to par, here’s to 100 more posts anyway :)

Remember that to-do list I drew up a couple of weeks ago? If you don’t, just scroll down a wee bit.

I’m back in CA now, and in reviewing the aforementioned list it turns out that although I was not 100% successful, I was still pretty dang successful. Here’s what I DID do:

  • Read half of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (50% of which happened on my plane ride back to LA yesterday, since I was super lazy while in Hawaii and barely got any reading done there).
  • Wrote five (5) Yelp reviews.
  • Wrote 5ish Christmas cards.
  • Worried less! :)
  • Watched The Descendants (on Christmas with my sister and grandma, since it’s sort of a tradition in my family to go see a movie on Christmas Day… PS, I really liked it!).
  • Watched Love Actually, Home Alone 1, and 75% of Home Alone 2.
  • Ran 20 miles.
  • Ran 10 miles.

Not bad! Here’s what I did NOT do on the list:

  • Finish The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.
  • Read blogs.
  • Write blog (besides the last entry :-/).
  • Journal.
  • Read the news. I maybe paid 10% more attention to news than I usually do. Sigh–I live in such a vacuum… it’s bad.
  • Watch The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (must. finish. book. first. damn you slow reading!!!)

It appears that I avoided doing those items which most resemble school-related activities. Hmmm… guess I can’t blame myself. I was pretty burnt out from my first quarter.

Here’s stuff not technically on the list but which I did a lot of anyway:

  • Slept.
  • Relaxed at home doing nothing much.
  • Saw a good number of friends.
  • Played mah jong with the fam (and won often, muahaha).
  • Played with my puppy Koko and took him the dog park.
  • Ate well and tried a few ono-licious places on the island for the first time (the highlights: Sweet Home Cafe, Uncle Clay’s, Cinnamon’s).
  • Karaoke, karaoke, karaoke (are you surprised? Then I’m sorry but you don’t know me at all). Had a particularly fun session with my family members on Christmas Day!

Didn’t really get to go to the beach barely since the weather was pretty rainy and windy throughout. But all in all, a super awesome staycation :).


Tomorrow (or more like later today since I’m such a night owl/last-minute packer) I’m off on a road trip to the Bay to hang out with mah buds and mah boo. I actually do have to get some school-related work done while I’m up there, but generally it’s looking like a TRUE vacation lies ahead in my last week and a half of winter break. Super excited!!


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