Hawaii Staycation To-Do List

While not too many people would consider Hawaii a staycation, I happen to be lucky enough to call this place home, and to have just gotten back two days ago to spend some time here for the holidays! After a busy, stressful first quarter of grad school I’m in DESPERATE need of a little r&r (or more like, a ton of it!), and so I intend to spend my two weeks here fully enjoying my freedom from the time- and energy-draining shackles of being a grad student. But because I admittedly have a tendency of falling into the trap of being too lazy if given the chance, I think it’s worth it to assign myself some FUN work to do on my staycation at home. I’m talking the type of personally-fulfilling work that’s so easy for me to forget or abandon with the demands of the school year. So in addition to eating everything in plain sight and spending time with friends, family, and my dog, here’s my agenda for the next two weeks:

Read more. Quantitatively, I doubt I’ll be topping the 100+ pages of dense article reading that was just another night of grad school, but I do plan to read more for pleasure than I have over the past four months. Starting with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. And blogs. And maybe even the news!

Write more. Again NOT in an academic stressed out all-nighter type of way that has made me forget that I actually enjoy writing! I’d really like to start up journaling again, and expect to see some fresh Yelp reviews and more new blog posts. Oh, and Christmas cards—damn, I better get started on those soon!

Worry less. It’s generally part of my nature to worry, stress and obsess over EVERYTHING, and grad school has been a particularly huge challenge to these self-destructive habits. I’m officially making the conscious effort to not worry about school, the path of my program, or anything else the whole time I’m here. This isn’t an easy task for someone who’s naturally a worrier and always seems to find something to contemplate or mull over unnecessarily. But for the sake of my health, I’mma seriously try not to listen to that nagging voice this vacation.

Watch more movies. It’s tough living in a town where everyone is always talking about movies and TV and I have little time to attend to neither! On my in-theaters list this break is The Descendents (filmed in Hawaii, and my next-door neighbor apparently plays George Clooney’s comatose wife!) and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (after finishing the novel of course). On video, my favorite Christmas movies are a must to start: Home Alone (1 & 2) and Love Actually.

Keep up with my marathon training. I’m up to 20 miles this weekend, my longest distance yet. I’m kind of iffy just because I’m not used to running in Honolulu, where it’s way more humid than SF or LA and the terrain is just different, but I’m also pretty much running it alone and that can also make it hard. However, I am gonna try to get my family to set up camp at some support stations along my route to refill my water bottle and such. And I just gotta do it! So that I can resume eating every delicious local fried food and Christmas yummyness that crosses my path.


2 thoughts on “Hawaii Staycation To-Do List

  1. dude, a marathon? that is AWESOME! also, congrats on finishing your first semester of grad school! it’s SO much more grueling than undergrad and so exhausting that you don’t really stop to realize how much you miss the mundane little luxuries that you used to have – so i like your list idea. totally looking forward to reading more from you this break, then. :)

    • I know you know EXACTLY how I feel. And it’s so much better for you now that you’re way closer to being done than I am!!! Hope you find more time to write soon, too, your blog is always awesome.

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