Tea Therapy: Lavender, Pink Rose, Osmanthus

Paper-writing for finals was literally giving me a HUGE headache this evening, so being the tea junkie I am I busted out the Old Faithful: my favorite loose leaf herbal tea, a combo consisting of lavender, pink roses, and osmanthus. Lavender is supposed to help you sleep, so in the colder winter months I love sipping this tea before I go to bed. Its taste is flowery (obviously, there’s a crapload of roses in it as you can see) and comforting. If this sounds like something you’d like and you’re in San Francisco, stop on over at Aroma Tea Shop, a little gem of a tea shop in the Inner Richmond, to pick up a package of these little individual packets of the lavender combo (they also do endless free tastings!). OR,  purchase it at their online store here!

Tea therapy essentials!

^Insulated carafe (borrowed from my boyfriend whom I need to give it back to but don’t want to because it keeps tea hot FOREVER) containing lots of favorite tea: check!

^Favorite pig mug present from Japan (with an accompanying mug cover that keeps tea hot forever only in theory but is still pretty ingenious) to take small sips of favorite tea: check!

Paper? Not even remotely close to finished.


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