Let it Fall, let it Fall, let it Fall!

Lykke Li fans hopefully got that reference ;)

I went to Portland to visit my sisters over Thanksgiving, where I got to experience a real Autumn. It was lovely. Also, my older sis got engaged! It was a short, but sweet, vacation before the insanity of my first (but not even close to last) taste of finals rolls around. Which would be about… now. Sigh. Cue new song: where are you Christmaaaaas….


Also, as you may have noticed I’m learning how to use instagr.am. I don’t really *get* it. Furthermore, I thought I’d note that I have not ONCE spelt “Thanksgiving” correctly this year while Facebook commenting, texting, or typing up this blog. It always comes out “Thankgsiving” (well, it actually came out right that time… figures). And to think I used to be such a good speller! Maybe just not such a good typist :P


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