Crank that…



The arm bicycle!

So yeah, I mentioned I sprained my ankle a couple of weeks ago and that it really sucks because I was in the middle of trying to train for a marathon. Two Saturdays have passed since the incident, which is two Saturdays when I’ve woken up early to test out my ankle on a long run and failed miserably. It’s a sad thing :(. So today I tried out one of these arm bicycles at the gym for the first time–in hopes that I don’t lose all of my cardiovascular super-duper-abilities while the foot heals. An arm bicycle is basically a regular bicycle where your hands take the place of your feet, and is apparently a good cardio alternative for someone who’s recently broken a leg or rolled an ankle in the fashion of moi. The resistance is adjustable, just like the bikes in spin class. Come to think of it, I really could have used the motivation of a structured spin class while using this thing… I don’t know, it just didn’t seem to really feel like it was doing much for the hour I spent cranking away. Maybe my arms will feel differently tomorrow morning?

Demonstration time:


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