It hasn’t quite set in…

Almost 36 hours ago, I got on a plane (the first of three) and said goodbye to Okinawa. Since I arrived in Hawaii a little over 12 hours ago, I’ve caught up with the fam, gotten a pay-as-you-go cell phone, eaten one too many dark chocolate acai berries from Costco, and managed to partially unpack the contents from my three huge suitcases into several messy piles strewn about the many surfaces in my bedroom (aka business as usual around here).

Seeing as how I definitely haven’t gotten a solid eight hours of sleep (or even something slightly less healthy but still entirely reasonable like 5) in the past two weeks, you’d think that, now that I can, I’d be passed out til the weekend by now. But no, I’m not yet asleep at 1:53am in the Hawaii-Aleutian time zone even after living Wednesday, August 3rd two times over, because underneath the next few days’ wedding preparation plans and excitement to go hiking with my little sister tomorrow, I can’t stop thinking about all the people I just left in Japan Standard Time.

As if insomnia weren’t bad enough, it’s starting to make me panic a little when I realize that this jetlag is not the the result of a holiday rest, a temporary vacation, but rather, a permanent move.

Holy. Shit. Don’t wanna think about that just yet.


One thought on “It hasn’t quite set in…

  1. We miss you sooooo much. Seriously. Like, woah.

    But be glad you made it out before this typhoon set in. It is screwing up flights right and left. Of course, I would have been glad for you to be delayed, but it might have been a little stressful. :P

    Love you. Keep writing. It makes me feel like maybe you are just over in the next town instead of across that stormy sea.

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