Eye love lash.

Tomorrow is my last day teaching classes to junior high school students in Japan.

As such, it is a special Fake Eyelash Day, and not an everyday Mascara Day, not for the reason that I’m trying to look like a purikura model on my last day or anything but simply because I don’t want it to end up to being a Black Crap Is Running All Over My Face Because I Stupidly Wore Mascara On A Day When I Knew I’d Ball My Eyes Out,  kind of a Day.

I can’t remember if the same was true back at home, but here fake eyelashes are cheap as dirt, and you can find them basically anywhere… the grocery store, the pharmacy, and of course, Daiso. I went to the latter tonight and picked up these beauties for a dollar fifty:

Blurry phone picture… probably what the world will look like through my Kate Crying Eyes tomorrow.

They’re less long and dramatic than the last pair I bought, and less sparkly than the ones I had before that. They’re noticeable yet understated. Perfect for my Last Day of Classes. Now, on with the waterworks…


2 thoughts on “Eye love lash.

  1. No! They sure as hell are NOT as cheap as they are here. Not as much variety, either. Stock up, lady. And buy some good eyelash glue like the Duo adhesive (they sell it at MAC) so you can reuse them a few times.

    Also; BE STRONG! <3

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