Now THAT’S Aloha… Hula for Japan: The Grand Total!

Earlier this week I went back to Moon Terrace Cafe to collect the percentage we made off the Hawaiian menu during the charity event I organized on the evening of June 26th, as well as sat down with all my receipts from buying fabric, flowers, sewing supplies, etc. for the event. After a long night of tabulations, at long last I was able to come up with a final count of how much we made through our fundraiser: including the money collected through donation boxes, late donations after the event, 10% of the food proceeds, and donations from the dancers, it’s my pleasure to announce that Hula for Japan made a grand total of ¥107,034. That’s over $1,300 USD!! Next week I’m gonna see if there’s a way to send it to the Japanese Red Cross Society with some sort of note attached as to how the money was raised. In any case, I as well as anyone else involved in this memorable experience should be amazed at how much we were able to raise through just one evening of hula. I’m ecstatic and proud, both that our event was successful in so many ways, as well as to know that the money will all be going towards its intended cause: aiding the recovery of the victims in Tohoku’s tsunami/earthquake on March 11th. Nice work, everyone :). Mahalo again, and aloha!


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