Mistress of Spices

I knew something didn’t sound right about my last post.

Turmeric, a bright, custard/mustard-like yellow spice, would be the correct term used to describe the color I want my room’s wall(s) to be.

Turmeric powder (organicindia.mercola.com)

Saffron, which is apparently more of an orangey red, is incorrect.

Iranian saffron (saffronspices.co.uk)

M’bad! I’m clearly not a spice whiz.

However, I like the sound of turmeric walls even better than saffron walls. Sounds more… spicy. And I’m lookin’ to spice up my life, you see.

Like seriously: how amazing is this turmeric wall from All Thing Beautiful?


Ok, I really need to stop dreaming and go to bed for reals. Goodnight world!


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