Could I rock the Moroccan-themed bedroom?

In my recent free moments where I should be doing something productive (i.e. lesson planning, moving-related stuff, grad school preparations), instead I’ve been engaging in one of those “it’s not actually procrastination” procrastinating tasks: seeking inspiration for my future bedroom in LA (ETA: August 16th)! In all my stolen hours spent dreaming up the perfect sleeping quarters, I can’t seem to pry myself away from a design idea I fell in love with when I stepped in a place called Medjool in San Francisco several years ago… a room with a Moroccan theme. The warm, vibrant color schemes, fun geometric shapes, interesting pendant lamps and lush fabrics are just some of the things I adore about Moroccan design.

Medjool Restaurant and Lounge in the Mission, SF (photos from restaurant website)

I’ve been researching Moroccan design on My Marrakesh, a blog by an American ex-pat who runs a boutique hotel in Morocco called the Peacock Pavilions (which, by the way, looks absolutely breathtaking… honeymoon destination idea?), as well as browsing the bottomless content on Apartment TherapyDesign*Sponge and Etsy. Here are some images that have been inspiring me so far:

I love the saffron walls and tiles in this bathroom at Peacock Pavilions.

Vibrant Moroccan ceramics in typical shades on a carved ikat surface (photo from Forever Lovely Design).

Gotta steal at least one of Medjool’s globular pendant lamps from Tazi Designs.

“Marrakesh Onion Bulb Pendant” lamp from Ballard Designs.

Moroccan-themed jewelry box found on Etsy (unfortunately I just checked and it’s already gone). I love the blue/marigold combo and the idea of making some shade of blue my main accent color.

Blue ikat print pillow cover from Etsy.

Multi-shade wall painted with a Moroccan design stencil from Etsy (and a really comfy-looking chair!).

Another ikat print pillow cover with a few more interesting colors (Etsy).

A turquoise enameled switchplate cover from Etsy.

I only just realized it, but even my gorgeous sari from India has roots in Mediterranean color scheme and design (figures!). Again I’m in love with the saffron yellow and peacock blue (a bit darker than all the blues above it, but still contrasts wonderfully with the yellow), and the plum-red accent also adds a special somethin’.

I’ve never cared much about interior decorating before this, and despite my Type A tendencies I’m actually a pretty messy person (if you ever happen to stop by my apartment uninvited, chances are I WON’T let you in because it probably looks like it was just hit by several typhoons). However, I have a feeling that if I put enough work into my next living space, I’ll actually be more compelled to keep it spic and span. And I don’t know about you, but I’m cereally diggin’ the ideas I’ve found so far. So here’s to hoping I can rock the casbah an awesome Moroccan-themed lair!


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