The Chevuru Chronicles, Part I: The Goat Whisperer

Yikes, it’s been about a month and a half since I got back from India and I still have said next to nothing about the experience. It’s about time I get crack-a-lackin’ on that!

For my first installment of the Chevuru Chronicles, I’d like to first bring to your attention the following photo taken at the San Diego Zoo, August 2009:

Though it’s been a couple of years, not only do I still use that purse on a daily basis–I also still love goats. And apparently they really like me too. There were truckfuls of goats in Chevuru, the Indian village we volunteered in over Golden Week. Our first day there, a fellow volunteer and I were moving a pile of cement bricks at one house when I spotted two of the softest, most precious little creatures I had ever seen in my entire life. The woman of the house we were working on noticed my cooing and promptly thrust each little goat into one of my arms. They were so friendly and didn’t object at all! As I held them close to my heart, I fell right back into my life’s calling:

To be a Goat Whisperer.

THE Goat Whisperer!

Wherever I went, goats would follow.

I listened to them…

And in return they brought me much joy!

I’d find them in their cool little hiding places like this shelf in a half-built house, taking shelter from the hot sun…

I made sure they were eating healthy…

I’d ooo and aahh over them when they were a source of pride for their owners…

I just understood these kids!

‘Til next time, I remain…

Your loyal Goat Whisperer.

Next up, in Part II of the Chevuru Chronicles: pictures of real kids. Wait for it…


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