No Hula, No Life

In the days following the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami on March 11th and after both failing to give blood for the first time in my life (stupid puny veins!) and feeling like my ¥10,000 note to the Red Cross was barely enough, I started to get this idea. Back in March a friend and fellow JET had invited me to do a workshop on hula at a multi-cultural event she was putting on at her school; I had a blast teaching her junior high school students how to do the Hawaiian dance for a morning, and it reminded me that it’s something I love doing (I spent four years in college as a student teacher for the hula portion of the Hawaii club’s Annual Luau every April). I though to myself, why not marry my drive to help Tohoku with my love for hula and desire to share it with others? Hula for Japan was born.

In order to put on this event, for a month and a half now I’ve been teaching my friends and students a total of five hula numbers, recently nearly every day of the week. I’ve been in close contact with my favorite local restaurant where the event will be held. I’ve painstakingly planned the costumes for the dancers which still have yet to be sewn, for I haven’t received the fabric in the mail yet (yeah… can you say, STRESSED???). I’ve been crazily busy, but when it comes down to it this is exactly what I was hoping to do and I’m loving every second of it.

The event is finally just two weeks from now! Below are the details (for more info, check out the Facebook event). If you happen to be in town that day or know anyone who will be, you should definitely try to come out to this super special performance and fundraiser. Aloha <3.

  • WHAT: Hula for Japan: Live hula performance! Hawaiian food!
  • DATE: Sunday, June 26th
  • TIME: Show begins promptly at 6:30pm and will probably go on for 30-45 min. Try to come early!
  • LOCATION: Moon Terrace Cafe, Agarizaki Complex (located directly across from Kirakira Beach in Nishihara City/Agarihama… see map here:
  • WHY: To share Hawaiian culture and raise money for Tohoku (10% of the proceeds made from the special Hawaiian menu that day and all other donations will go to Japan Red Cross)

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