Ze Bucketlist

Officially down to two months, folks! (Less… if my disorganized employers pull through and actually get me a ticket back on the day I want… which by the way is August 3rd). So before I kick the bucket full of Okinawan seawater and pisu on out of this joint, here are a few activities that I hope to partake in (along with a few I’ve had the pleasure of joyously crossing off the list recently):

  • The original Captain Kangaroo’s in Nago DONE 5/23
  • Turkish food at Kelebek in Nishihara DONE 5/30
  • Underwater-themed room at Karaoke Maimu DONE 6/4
  • Haarii (dragon boat races) <—- missed my chance, they all happened yesterday and I was too late :(
  • Hello Kitty bowling at Southern Hill
  • Another Okinawa outer-island
  • Fuji-san!
  • Club Enma
  • Love hotel

I feel like I’m missing a lot of things. Let me know if you think of anything.

We sang “Under the Sea” and “Part of That World”… it was very apropos.


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