K-pop > J-pop

When I was living in the States and J-pop, K-pop, and all the other Asian-pops were exotic and slightly inaccessible, I knew people that were into them… and I thought these people were weird. Guess I couldn’t understand how I was supposed to like something that sounded like either a less catchy version of the Backstreet Boys or a nasally 12 year-old girl on speed synced with video game background music… IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE. And now that I do actually live in an Asian country where the genres are obviously super accessible and I can no longer dismiss them as strange/not worth listening to, I still can’t say I’ve become the biggest fan.

However, in my limited exposure to popular Asian music while I’ve been here, one thing’s become clear… K-pop is soooooooo much better than J-pop. At least according to personal preference. I don’t know, I’ve just found that there’s just something catchier about K-pop, which has been proven to me in that I actually sort of pay attention to it when I hear it. Another interesting phenomenon is that when I do like a pop song that’s in Japanese, it’s usually performed by a Korean artist! I’m thinking BoA (권보아/ボア), KARA (카라/カラ) and Girl’s Generation (소녀시대/少女時代). Finally, I think one last contributing factor to my love for K over J is that English seems to be incorporated into the songs more, which reflects the simple fact that Koreans are generally more proficient in it than are Japanese.

Whatever my reasons, you need to watch these videos from M! Countdown, now. Prepare for addiction… that “K” stands for “krack,” you know.

“Why Are You Being Like This” (“왜 이러니”) by T-ara (티아라):

Omg so good.

“Cry” by MBLAQ (엠블랙):

Come on now, you know you agree… MBLAQ is HOT!!!

Oh, dear…


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