My first apology note in Japanese…

… reads something like this (and by something, I mean exactly):



(Notice how I get lazy in the next couple of sentences and revert to hiragana only)



Here’s what it may or may not say in English:


Excuse me…
I’m Kate.
My apologies, there is no excuse.
(^Thanks J Sensei at for the great idiom!)
This is not my parking.
I’m a foreigner. I’m sorry I was rude.

My cell phone number is  ***-****-9209.
Please call me. I will move my car.

I hope this goes well between us. I’m sorry I was rude.

I brought the apology to place on the windshield of the car I imagined could only belong to the pissed off person whose space I inadvertently stole, as this car was blocking mine from being able to get out of the spot. But as luck would have it, the other car was gone upon my return, leaving me free to drive away with dignity intact. Thank God.

The owner of the other car did leave this note on my windshield:

“Car here …. ” Errr… is that katakana?

If the part I can’t read says “I will key,” I guess I deserved it. But at least I got some practice writing Japanese tonight, hey?

Update: It just says “Koko ni kuruma tomeru na.” “Don’t park here.” Boring. The last part is written in katakana and not hiragana for emphasis. Still boring. But better than getting towed I suppose!


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