Do you ever sort of feel like…

…this guy?


Up until the point where he does some magic at the end, that is. I mean by then you realize that he’s just pure ninja (and that the video is probably about something else entirely). But before that: he’s trying to do such great things, and in reality he really is freaking awesome, but does anyone pay him any mind? Does anyone even care or notice him at all??? WHAT THE F*&** IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!?!?

Recently, the perfect analogy for my work life. I’m happy to be here, but, God… it’s so fucking frustrating sometimes.

As a happier aside, one day I happened to preface an observation with the abovementioned clause and the good friend I was talking to cracked up before I could even get to the punchline.

“Kate, whenever you start a conversation with ‘Do you ever sort of feel like’ I get so excited about what you’re about to say because I already KNOW I feel exactly the same way!!!”

Ok, admittedly at the time I was about to say something that was as judge-y as I was annoyed by it, but sometimes… sometimes it’s just awesome having friends like that who understand exactly how you feel. Keeps me sane in this harsh, lonely world…

**By the way, this song, Embody by SebAstian, is pure amazingness. Here you go (I am NOT like those assholes who try to keep others down all the fucking time… I ENJOY sharing and being nice to people, thank you very much :) **


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