When I saw her standing there…

If you’re lucky, every once in a blue moon you’ll stumble upon an article of clothing that is completely, utterly, 100% made for you. Like love at first sight. Peanut butter and jelly. Mary Poppins (practically perfect in every way). If you were an article of clothing, you’d be it.

Meet Amazing Green Coat.

Gorgeous right?

We met about a month and a half ago one freezing cold weekend at Manga Souko Awase. Having already rifled through 30% off Winter Wear for an hour without finding a single warm jacket I liked, I was fatigued and irritable. About to throw in the towel, call it a night.

Like an extension of my being.

As I was on my way out of the section, I spotted a rack that I hadn’t looked at yet. Actually, looking back on it it was she that caught my gaze immediately, caught it and held it because she was so special. So unlike the others. So different, in a good way. She was perfect for me. And on sale, perfectly my price too–though I would have paid more than full price for the lady. Because she is a lady indeed… just like me :)

Details! Gold cobra buttons.

Ok, maybe I’m taking it too far, but I really, really adore this coat. From the fit (like a glove) to the color (I call it “Family Mart Green”) to every last little detail–I love everything about it.

Pop ya collah… with a straight up soldier collar

Love the aqua blue lining

Besides keeping me nice and toasty this absurdly cold Okinawan winter, what I also love about my coat are the tons of compliments and interesting remarks I’ve gotten while wearing it. Some favorites:

  • “Just like a Christmas tree! [points to buttons] See? Decorations!” –coworker
  • Coat… my image… America… this… uhhhh… [asks someone how to say something in English… ‘Shiny!’ they reply] SHINY! America green shiny. Japan green… not shiny.” –another coworker (I think the word they might have been looking for was “bright”)
  • “Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!” – Ruth S. (from Ireland)
  • “It’s St. Patrick’s Day?” – me (this was actually today.. Happy St. Patrick’s Day btw!)
  • “You kind of remind me of a leprechaun… I like it.” –Matt K. (not today)
  • “GREEN-SENSEI!” –1-nensei students (the English teacher from Canada in their New Horizons English textbook is named Ann Green)

Soulmates (not me and Jasmine… I cut Aladdin out)

This one’s definitely coming home with me.



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