How to go veg and still eat animals

Animal-shaped tri-color pasta!

Lions and turtles and elephants, oh my! Oh and DINOSAURS.

The food department of MUJI thinks of everything. I’m forever indebted to my foodie friend Kelly for introducing me to it just a little over a month ago. Since then, I’ve been eating so much pre-packaged/instant MUJI food that I can’t seem to remember what I ate for dinner at home before.

Prior to Japan, I honestly thought I could become a vegetarian. But after a year here, the goal makes me laugh. There are just too many pork-based things that I’d miss, and I seriously never thought I’d love pork so much. But hey, with these CHOU KAWAII little dudes, maybe I can have my pig…

Ikimono ready to be tabemono!

…and eat it too? :P

Oh, horrible American joke. Especially since there aren’t even any pig-shaped noodles… boo :( (Japanese joke!) :)


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