What would Lisa Turtle wear?

Or Donna Martin? Hilary Banks? Cher Horowitz? Her alter ego, the hot, badass chick from the Aerosmith videos?

As my birthday approaches this year, these are important questions I’ve had on my mind. Also, my affinity for Halloween and anything with a theme verges on religious fanaticism. The perfect combination, wouldn’t you agree? That’s right, everyone… I’m hosting a 90s party!

Even if as a pre-adolescent I may have been too young to sport all the hottest 90s fashion trends I couldn’t afford on a dollar-a-week allowance, I still mentally raided the closets of all my favorite Saved by the Bell and TGIF heroines. But now that I’m older, which look to choose? There are so many good ones. This past weekend, I headed to the Naha Manga Souko–an overwhelming, addictive explosion of decent second-hand clothing and goods (I like the Awase location better because it’s usually less crowded, but I was already in the neighborhood)–seeking inspiration for my birthday outfit.

Let’s just say, I didn’t have to look further than the store’s mannequins; 90s fashion seems to have made a particularly strong comeback to the country of Japan… or maybe it just never left?

Sweet: ready-to-go 90s ensembles.

But going with one of these would be like buying a pre-packaged Halloween costume–too easy! I think I’ll shop around a bit.

I could drown in Manga Souko’s selection of long-sleeved denim shirts…

But at least I can handle them more than I can the super loose, super unflattering high-waisted jeans that were somehow so popular back then. Seriously, how did people ever idolize the cast of 90210 in this look??

Mom jeans!

As demonstrated by angst-ridden Angela Chase (aka Claire Danes in My So-Called Life), combat boots and Doc Martens were all the rage circa 1995.

… and apparently in Okinawa, 2011, as well.

As authentic as these’d be, I ain’t paying 40 bucks for ’em.

Omg, this next one had me cracking up… remember that awesome PBS show Ghost Writer? (Jamal Jenkins: “He’s a ghost, and he writes to us: GHOST WRITER!” …it so figures that I would love that show as a kid…)

Gotta love a bunch of kids of color running around New York City solving mysteries with the help of a floating, glowing ball.

One of them would SO sport this gem…

Ok, not really considering wearing this next one on my birthday. But maybe to some other… ethnic-ish event?

Ensemble envisioning in the dressing room! (I have no life). So, this first shirt, I grabbed mostly due to its bright colors and off-the-shoulder awesomeness that I know were both really in in the 90s.

However, it seemed to channel more Ugly Sweater Party than birthday, so I put it back. I know Zach Morris would approve, though.

Next, back to the Grunge look. Long-sleeved flannel button-downs have definitely reappeared in mainstream fashion these past couple of years, but I managed to find one a bit on the looser/longer side. I put it on along with some long denim bleach-splotched shorts.

The color, though, may need to be a bit less cheery if I am to successfully imitate sullen teenagers Angela and Rayanne. Love, love, LOVED that show!

One last look! Crushed velvet: my older sister so owned at least a handful of head-to-toe outfits made entirely of it. Either love or hate it… but maybe it’s not so bad in a typical 90s floral print, paired with a faux fringed leather vest?

Not bad! I think it kind of channels Alicia Silverstone, a fair cross between her two above-mentioned 90s personas:

Phew! Well, I did end up going for a certain look in the end, though after writing this post I’m certainly feeling ambivalent about it. I guess I still have some thinking to do until my 90s party.

HOLD UP. One more. THIS stopped me dead in my tracks; it can’t be… can it?

Wait a minute.. is this what I think it is???

OMG!!!! It IS!!!!!

No FUCKING way, Japan!!!

Too perfect. Now, if only I could have found an amazing hat to go with it…

Unfortunately, Manga Souko was not rockin’ the tricked-out Blossom hats. Still, Japan never ceases to amaze me. Though there are many things I can’t find here, now I know one thing that I DEFINITELY can… LEGIT 90s FASHION!!!


9 thoughts on “What would Lisa Turtle wear?

  1. I am equally excited about all these 90s looks. Maybe you should do one each leading up to your bday? As long as your music mix includes Spice Girls, Alice in Chains, and Lauryn Hill, it’s all good.

  2. kate!! i loved this entry — it looks like it took a ton of work! great job blogging! hehe looks like you are having an awesome time in okinawa finding all those 90s outfits. miss you, i’m going home this friday for spring break! anyway, would love to hear how you’re doing; let’s catch up soon. :)

    • Thanks for reading my blog Mika! Yeah, this one did take me a while… I’m trying to post daily for a week and a half more (3 weeks total), and it’s fun but wayyy time consuming. I hope you have fun in Hawaii!!! I’ll be back there in August for a bit and THEN I get to reunite with you in Lalaland!! Can’t wait. Take care.

  3. Loved this blog–the 90’s seem not that way back to me for some reason. It’s also the decade your baby sister came along, & that was almost 19 years ago. Miyam Bialak is now a semi-regular on my fave comedy “The Big Bang Theory” where she plays a female super-geek; so unlike Blossom. BTW, since your blog was about clothes, can you believe I’m already packed?!? Oh! Aunty Luz leaves for Beijing on the 19.

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