Almost Famous (on the Internet)

I’m blowin’ up on the Internetz, ya’ll! Two more places where you can find me:

  1. Yelp (only until 5pm tomorrow [3/7] Japan time, or midnight 3/6 California time): “Today” (relative to where you’re reading this from), my review on Fat Angel, a chillax little wine bar in the Fillmore District of SF, has been chosen to grace the San Francisco Yelp homepage as Review of the Day! Yelp is an American website I’ve been devoted to for several years now, where people can find, read, and especially WRITE reviews on local businesses in their area. The company is based in San Francisco (where it began six years ago) but has spread to every corner of the U.S. and Canada as well as several countries in Europe. Japan next? (wishful thinking) While it hasn’t been easy to maintain Yelp Elite status while living abroad, I’m proud that I can still say this is my 14th RoTD on Yelp so far! Though RoTD is time sensitive, you can access my Yelp profile here at any time, as well as all of my RoTDs in one spot here.

  2. Nicole Salon: Remember the little salon across the street from my apartment where I braved my first Japanese haircut nearly a year ago? Well, I’ve been returning ever since, and during my haircut yesterday the hilarious Okinawan women who work there asked if they could feature me for the day on their blog… and boy are they fast! (What is with everyone? Am I the only slowpoke around here??) If you’re unable to use Google Translate to get a vague idea of what they said, the gist is how “fun” (read: ridiculous) my visits are and how there’s a whole lot of hand gestures, broken Japanese and broken English shared. Good times. And I’m loving my haircut, too!

Nice way to say goodbye to the weekend. Peace out homies, this D-lister needs her beauty rest for Monday!


One thought on “Almost Famous (on the Internet)

  1. What a nice early birthday gift! Congratulations on the ROTD & for being featured on a foreign blog. The stylists across the street will surely miss you come August.

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